Jamie’s Personal Style

Step inside the home of a personal stylist…

How would you describe your own space?

“Comfortable, livable, and fun, with a hint of sophistication.”

Most everything in Jamie’s home has a story or sentiment behind it. “It’s what makes our home ours”. Jamie surrounds herself with family heirlooms, her children’s artwork and great finds from her travels over the years.

If you find yourself in Jamie’s “morning room,” you’ll be surrounded by personal photographs taken during Jamie’s travel days hung on every wall. Her children’s folk art creations lovingly placed on the mantle. In this image to her right is her grandmother’s lamp; probably an item of no monetary value, but Jamie was always fond of it growing up. The chair is one of two African Mahogany chairs from the 1940s, custom-made for the French Ambassador. They had never been upholstered until Jamie purchased them and felt they were screaming for a French velvet to complete their comfortable feel. Stoilis does not use color carelessly; these chairs spoke for themselves asking for a teal velvet. Though teal wasn’t really present anywhere else in her home, she never once questioned the choice.

Somehow it works, or maybe it doesn’t, but it makes me smile and that’s all that really matters!

Photography by Julien McRoberts