Design Built-In

Design Built-In

By building design directly into construction, J. Stoilis commits function to form from the foundation up. In aligning the build with design plan at every turn, the client’s vision is upheld without fail and construction unfolds poetically into something truly built to be beautiful.

The approach is distinctive. In many cases, the construction and design phases of a project are two very separate steps. J. Stoilis Design bridges that gap by supporting the design vision deeply within the architecture and construction of a project. Jamie Stoilis, lead designer and founder of J. Stoilis Design emphasizes collaboration from the beginning. Her philosophy is to fully incorporate clients’ preferences into the very construction in order to honestly reflect each and every feature of the clients’ lifestyle(s), aesthetic priorities, and intentions for the space. J. Stoilis Design begins relationships by fully understanding each client’s needs and goals, and then actively advocating for them at every stage of the process to follow.

Stoilis works closely with builders and architects to determine lighting, exterior colors & finish, and even the construction plan itself; involved at every step, often on-site all the way through to the finished work.


The specialty lies in high-end custom home and commercial design. All design drawings are completed in-house, providing maximum flexibility and extensive detail for contractors to build from. Jamie’s comprehensive background and understanding of structural components results in a beautiful marriage of form and function in every project. With an affinity for light and lighting, she often visualizes a build through discussions of color, fixtures, window size & placement, following the vision through to the end manufacturer(s) and finish. Being on-site throughout build and renovation ensures that clients’ needs and wishes are prioritized at every step.


“My clients hire me for my construction knowledge and background. They know I will take care of them. My job is to help them understand the whole process of building their dream home – how it works and how it all unfolds. I use an engineering mindset to complete the drawings, and I focus on the form of the overall vision within the function of each design element.”

When making the investment to build your dream home, the best dollar spent is in selecting a designer that works from the ground up – until the key unlocks the front door.

Jamie Stoilis has over two decades of design experience and her client testimonials reflect years of loyalty cultivated through expertise and advocacy. Read more about Stoilis’ background and education.

J. Stoilis Design offers personalized and professional design services for residential and commercial spaces in the areas surrounding Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM.

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